WUFI Passive: One giant leap for passive buildings!

We learned long ago that North America’s climate extremes present critical challenges for passive house designers — the need for cooling and dehumidification are bigger issues here than in Central Europe, for example. That’s why WUFI/ORNL/IBP and WUFI Pro have become essential complementary tools for many CPHCs.

Screenshot of WUFI Passive interface

Well, we have some exciting news–PHIUS has collaborated with the renowned Fraunhofer IBP to create WUFI Passive. This powerful new, commercial-grade, user-friendly software tool combines passive energy modeling with the WUFI’s hygrothermal modeling capabilities.

Fraunhofer brought its considerable software chops and building science experience; PHIUS added years of passive house experience and data gained designing, building, and monitoring passive projects in a wide range of climate zones.

The result is the WUFI Passive–the next generation tool for passive house!

Read more about it here at Fraunhofer IBP.

See WUFI Passive for yourself at the 7th Annual North American Passive House Conference in Denver, September 27-30

And join us in Denver for the WUFI+ coming out party:

  • A full day WUFI Passive Preconference workshop, Thursday, Sept. 27, has been devoted to the new tools. (Requires registration for both morning and afternoon segments.) The sessions will be taught by PHIUS instructors, Florian Antretter (who leads WUFI Passive development for Fraunhofer IBP) and Achilles Karagiosis (of Owens Corning, who is also on the development team).
  • The Main Conference sessions include a Friday segment presented by members of the WUFI Passive development team.
  • PHIUS/PHAUS will be running a demonstration version in the exhibit hall.

There are still slots for attendees and exhibitors, but time’s running out—register now!