BE12, Be There!

Hi everyone,

So, from RESNET 2012 it was onto the Passive House Northwest Spring Conference, and now Boston for the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) Building Energy 12 (BE12) conference and trade show. We hope you can make — if you can, a few quick notes:

  • PHIUS and Passive House Alliance US will be teaming up at booth #1040 — come see me, Mike Kernagis, and Mark Miller (of PHA-US) at the booth.
  • Make sure to sign up for my workshop, “Advance Integrated Mechanical Systems for Passive Houses” — it’s Tuesday, 9:00 a.m. to Noon. When you sign up, you’re eligible to join the tour of passive house components and materials on display on the trade show floor. (That’s Wednesday.) For a preview of the tour, check out my earlier posts.
  • We hope you’ll join Paul Eldrenkamp (of Byggmeister Design Build), Jo Lee (of GreenMachine), me and other members of

    Paul Eldrenkamp

    the passive house community for dinner Tuesday evening, immediately after the BE12 opening forum. (FYI, everyone foots their own bill.) Special thanks to Paul, a Passive house pioneer and overall sustainable building pioneer, and Jo Lee for leading the effort — it’s a great opportunity for the substantial passive house contingent to get together.

See you in Boston!





4 thoughts on “BE12, Be There!

  1. Katrin,

    It was great having dinner with you here in Portland at the conference.
    Thank you for the opportunity to have a tabletop that put our products and science in front of so many like minded folks from the Northwest.
    The project tour at the Karuna House went very well with Sam Hagerman of Hammer and Hand providing a comprehensive description of the unique attributes of that style of Passive House structure.
    Several continued the tour to our Building Science facility in Clackamas where discussions were off the charts with relevant questions and ideas.
    Thanks again to your NW group for putting on such a successful program.

    • Tom,

      Thank you! You are for sure a shining star on the Building Science Horizon and I very much hope we can find projects in the future to collaborate on. Safe wall assemblies are so critical in this country to super energy efficient construction. I wish I could have been on the tour and could have seen your shop. Next time. Thank you in the name of all members of the Passive House Alliance for your generous support – and – next time in Portland I know where to go for the best fresh sea food!


  2. Katrin–

    Great to see you in Boston. The Weds evening tour of the tradeshow floor was one of the highlights for me. Thanks.

    Are you going to post the handout describing all the new certified products? For me this year, NESEA shattered some of the myths of lack of quality products in the US, and it would be great to spread the word on that.



    • Hi Peter,

      I was very happy to see you there! Tour was great fun. The hand-outs were actually an almost direct copy of one of my previous blog posts titled “One-Stop Passive House Shopping” that yuo can find right here.


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