Comments on climate-specific standards study now open

In cooperation with Building Science Corporation, under a U.S. DOE Building America Grant, the PHIUS Technical Committee has completed exhaustive research and testing toward new passive house standards that take into account a broad range of climate conditions and other variables in North American climate zones and markets.

This report contains findings that will be adapted for use as the basis for implementing climate-specific standards in the PHIUS+ project certification program in early 2015. Furthermore, as materials, markets and – climates – change, the PHIUS Technical Committee will periodically review and adapt the standard to reflect those changes.

  • We invite formal comment on the science. Please use this online form to submit. Deadline for formal comment: January 16, 2015.
  • Formal comments will not be public, and are for Tech Committee review only. (The Tech Committee or PHIUS staff will contact you for permission, should we be interested in publishing your comments.) All formal comments will be reviewed, but we cannot guarantee an individual response.
  • Passive House Alliance US Members: An online informal discussion forum is available to all members. The forum discussion will be visible to the general public, but only PHAUS members can make comments. Comments on the discussion forum are not guaranteed to be reviewed by the Technical Committee.
  • If you are not a PHAUS member, use the blog comments section below. Comments on the blog cannot be guaranteed to be reviewed by the Technical Committee. To ensure Committee review, use the online formal comment form.

One thought on “Comments on climate-specific standards study now open

  1. Hi Katrin,

    I am a Building Science Graduate Student from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. I am currently writing a research paper on ERV performance rating standards. I have read the Climate-Specific Passive Building Standards draft and I am interested in PHIUS’ proposal on the adjustments to HVI and AHRI ratings. The draft mentioned this is being written up separately. Do you have any idea where/how I can access PHIUS’ proposal on the efficiency ratings? Much thanks.


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