New Brand. Expanded Vision. Same Phius.

A lot can change in 18 years.

While our core values at Phius have remained constant since our inception as an affordable housing organization in 2003, our vision has expanded significantly. Our goals are more ambitious than ever, and the methods by which we plan to achieve them are ever-changing.

New Brand Same Phius GraphicIn an effort to properly reflect the evolution of our organization, we thought it necessary to reimagine the Phius brand. But before you roll your eyes, it is important to know that this is much more than a new color scheme and font family; this is an update to more accurately reflect who we are as an organization.

The process has included surveying stakeholders, internal organization evaluations, spirited discussions about Phius’ future, and yes, some interesting logo iterations. Those efforts resulted in the establishment of the foundation on which the Phius brand will continue to build.

You have likely already noticed the new Phius logo and color scheme, as we have been slowly integrating it over the past several months. Our annual conference also has a new name: PhiusCon. Aside from being a bit snappier than the North American Passive House Conference, the new name makes clear that Phius is synonymous with passive building. 

Speaking of PhiusCon 2021, attendees will get an early look at the completely overhauled Phius professional portal and brand new website that is to be launched in the new year. Our talented website team has been working tirelessly to improve the functionality and reorganize all the valuable resources we have accumulated over nearly two decades. These new tools will provide a much smoother user experience, and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Phius is still the premier zero-energy and carbon neutral ready building solution. It is still the leader in educating and certifying professionals on passive building best practices. Its ultimate goal is still to make Phius the mainstream building standard. But in order to do those things the best way possible, we needed to expand our vision. This re-branding serves as the outer layer of a plan for the future that permeates all aspects of our mission, including the renewable energy transition and how Phius buildings interact with the new grid.

We have made great progress in our quest, but there is still a lot of work to be done. And as our organization evolves to meet the challenges ahead, we want to make sure you are right there with us.

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