NESEA Part 1: Passive building is growing exponentially! And so is “Passive Place” at NESEA’s BE13 Trade Show!

This is the first of a three-part series on passive building presence at NESEA BE13. Parts two and three comprise a virtual tour of passive building component manufacturers and PHIUS partner organizations on the BE13 trade show floor.

Last year at NESEA BE12 more passive building component manufacturers than ever exhibited at the trade show. So many, in fact, that NESEA invited me to lead a passive-building focused, guided tour of the show to help builders, designers, and manufacturers connect. You may remember I also penned a two-part blog that provided a virtual tour for those not able to join us at NESEA.

Well, the growth in the passive building sector is accelerating. At PHIUS we see it in the recent explosive growth in PHIUS+ project certifications since we introduced the PHIUS+ Certification and Quality Assurance Program.  We’re looking at the proverbial “hockey stick” growth curve…

Fig. 1: PHIUS+ certified passive projects to date (multiunit buildings counted as one project)

Even more passive product manufacturers are at NESEA BE13 this year. The show runs March 6-7 at Boston’s Seaport World Trade Center (with workshops March 5). It’s a big event, and to help the passive building community make the most of the NESEA exhibit space, I’m going to a couple special evenings–including, again leading a tour:

Demonstration: Cool Passive House Gadgets
Wednesday, March 6, 4:30, Stage 2, off the 1100 aisle

Passive House Trade Show Tour with Katrin Klingenberg
Wednesday, March 6, 5:30 – 6:30 (leaves from the NESEA Lounge #507)

Hope you can join me–but if not, PHIUS and PHAUS (Passive House Alliance US, our chapter/member organization) have organized Passive Place. It’s like a passive house manufacturer village, bringing together 16 total passive building exhibitors right in the middle of the NESEA show floor. That’s critical mass! We salute those exhibitors who are joining us—you’re transforming the built environment.

PHIUS and PHAUS will be at booth 965—be sure to stop by on your visit to Passive Place. (Look for aerial banners identifying the area.) And here are the exhibitors who will be our neighbors:

Affordable Comfort Inc. (Booth # 951)
Huber Engineered Woods (Booth # 953)
H Window/Energate (Booth # 959)
Klearwall Industries LLC (Booth # 963)
Knauf Insulation (Booth # 862)
New England Fenestration / Unilux Windows,  LLC (Booth # 955)
Pinnacle Windows Solutions (Booth # 763)
PowerWise Systems (Booth # 961)
PROSOCO Inc. (Booth # 949)
Stiebel-Eltron Inc. (Booth # 749)
Tremco Commercial Waterproofing & Sealants (Booth # 860)
Ultimate Air, Inc. (Booth # 856)
Zehnder America, Inc. (Booth # 864)
475 High Performance Building Supply (Booth # 759)

Be sure to also visit our generous PHAUS sponsors and non-profit partners who will also be on the trade show floor:

PHAUS Sponsors

Building Science Corporation (Booth # 466)
The Energy Conservatory (Booth # 828)
Intus Windows (Booth # 624)
SIGA Cover, Inc. (Booth # 620)
Zola European Windows (Booth # 628)

Non-Profit Partners

Yestermorrow Design/Build School (Booth # 1012)
Passive House New England (Booth # 1036)
Passivhaus Maine (Booth # 1038)

And of course many thanks to NESEA. NESEA has led the way by embracing passive building methodologies and products naturally. As it should, it is part of NESEA’s DNA.

Finally, a quick suggestion: Sign up for these Passive Building Workshops:

Tuesday, March 5
9:00 am to Noon
WUFI Passive Workshop, Katrin Klingenberg
Learn about the next-generation passive/hygrothermal modeling tool

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Commercial Passive House Design Principles, Adam Cohen
Learn how the principles of commercial passive building from residential projects from one of the most experienced passive house design/build professionals on the planet.

Hope you can make the workshops—and of course, to the trade show floor!

Even if you can’t, you can take this virtual look of this year’s trade show with my next blog posts.

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