PHIUS+ 2018

— Lisa White, Graham Wright, PHIUS 

During NAPHC2017 in Seattle, PHIUS Senior Scientist Graham Wright provided a glance at PHIUS+ 2018 during a lunch input session. Wright highlighted updates to the standard and also touched on what will stay the same. Much of the content discussed is also summarized in this blog post: Getting to Zero Part II: PHIUS+ 2018. PHIUS Certification Staff fielded questions and encouraged audience input – overall feedback was supportive. The updated standard is currently under development by the PHIUS Technical Committee. There will be a public comment period, more details on that will be released soon.

We also announced that PHPP models will not be accepted for PHIUS+ 2018 projects. Following rationale in this blog post (Transitioning from PHIUS+ to PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard), WUFI Passive continues to see notable updates. The next update will include an improved shading algorithm for PHIUS+ 2018, among other improvements. The two modeling platforms have diverged and PHPP is no longer suitable for PHIUS+ Certifications. PHPP is still accepted for PHIUS+ 2015 projects. Accepted PHPP versions are: 06-02-10 IP-overlay of v2007 through PHPP v8.5.

The new program is scheduled to begin taking pilot projects in January 2018, and will be fully released mid-March 2018. There will be a 6-month transition period, from March through September 2018, where projects will be accepted for certification under PHIUS+ 2015 or PHIUS+ 2018. After September 15, 2018, no new projects can register under PHIUS+ 2015. In order to ‘lock-in’ a project under PHIUS+ 2015, both a contract and project payment must be in place before September 15, 2018.


January 2018: Accept pilot projects under PHIUS+ 2018
Mid-March 2018: Full release of PHIUS+ 2018
September 15, 2018: Projects no longer accepted under PHIUS+ 2015

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